New England Patriots
2017 record: 13-3 (1st in AFC East)

New England Patriots vs. Cincinnati Bengals Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals. The two teams have met each other 25 times, with the New England Patriots winning 16 games and the Cincinnati Bengals winning 9 games.

New England Patriots lead series 16-9-0

Postseason games are listed in bold.

10/16/16NECINHGillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 35-1766,829
10/05/14NECINHGillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 43-1768,756
10/06/13NECINAPaul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 13-664,259
09/12/10NECINHGillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 38-2468,756
10/01/07NECINAPaul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 34-1366,113
10/01/06NECINAPaul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 38-1366,035
12/12/04NECINHGillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 35-2868,756
09/09/01NECINAPaul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 23-1751,521
11/19/00NECINHFoxboro Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 16-1360,292
09/18/94NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 31-28--
12/12/93NECINHFoxboro Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 7-2--
12/20/92NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 20-10--
12/22/91NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 29-7--
09/23/90NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 41-7--
10/16/88NECINHSullivan Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 27-21--
12/07/86NECINHSullivan Stadium (Foxborough, MA)L 31-7--
12/22/85NECINHSullivan Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 34-23--
10/14/84NECINHSullivan Stadium (Foxborough, MA)W 20-14--
09/16/79NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 20-14--
10/15/78NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 10-3--
10/12/75NECINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 27-10--
09/17/72NECINHSchaefer Stadium (Foxborough, MA)L 31-7--
12/20/70BOSCINARiverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)L 45-7--
11/16/69BOSCINANippert Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)W 25-14--
12/01/68BOSCINHFenway Park (Boston, MA)W 33-14--

New England Patriots lead series 16-9-0
Points Scored: New England Patriots 524, Cincinnati Bengals 518