Miami Dolphins
2017 record: 6-10 (3rd in AFC East)

Miami Dolphins All-time Leading Rushers

The following are the alltime Miami Dolphins Rushing leaders, sorted by rushing yards. Included are player rushing stats for the Miami Dolphins (NFL) from 1970-2017 and the Miami Dolphins (AFL) from 1966-1969. Larry Csonka is the alltime Miami Dolphins leader in rushing yards with 6,737.

Players active with the Miami Dolphins during the 2017 NFL season are listed in bold.

PlayerSeasonsAtt Yds Avg Lg TD
L. Csonka1968-74,791,5066,7374.4754t53
R. Williams2002-03,05,07-101,5096,4364.2768t48
R. Brown2005-101,1284,8154.2765t36
M. Morris1969-757543,8775.1470t29
J. Kiick1968-749973,6443.655628
T. Nathan1979-877323,5434.844616
A. Al-Jabbar1996-998883,0633.454533
L. Miller2012-156382,9304.5997t19
M. Higgs1990-947022,6483.773114
D. Williams1978-806432,6324.096513
A. Franklin1981-846222,2323.592922
B. Malone1974-785032,1294.2366t16
L. Smith2000-016222,1073.3968t20
R. Bush2011-124432,0724.6876t12
B. Parmalee1992-985131,9593.8247t15
L. Hampton1985-895001,9493.9054t22
J. Ajayi2015-174471,9244.3062t9
S. Smith1989-915091,7873.513315
W. Bennett1980-884191,7444.16259
D. Nottingham1973-773651,5244.185625
N. Bulaich1975-793401,4984.416317
D. Thomas2011-14,164091,4803.625510
G. Davis1976-793171,3894.3865t7
T. Stradford1987-903431,3323.885110
T. Minor2001-062771,1334.0956t8
R. Davenport1985-892741,1274.116413
R. Tannehill2012-172161,0654.93486
T. Kirby1993-952871,0373.61389
B. Griese1967-802619943.81357
S. Morris2004-062409814.09558
I. Spikes1994-972529343.71498
L. Harris1977-782149294.3477t6
J. Fiedler2000-042018344.153011
K. Drake2016-171668234.9666t5
D. Woodley1980-831737714.46299
J. Johnson1999-012197483.42345
J. Carter1984-861185894.99351
S. Mitchell1966-701735483.17304
J. Auer1966-671655443.30415
M. Logan1989-911405233.74172
J. Chatman2005,071285154.02301
J. Avery1998-991435033.52442
D. Williams2014-171334773.59693
B. Humphrey19921024714.62211
H. Ginn1970-751014154.11463
C. Collins19991314143.1625t2
D. Overstreet1983853924.61441
K. Byars1993-96983773.8577t6
C. Chambers2001-07413558.66610
S. Price1966-68823133.82381

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Att = Rushing Attempts, Yds = Rushing Attempts, Avg = Rushing Average, YPG = Rushing Yards Per Game, Lg = Longest Rush, TD = Rushing Touchdowns, FD = Rushing First Downs