Indianapolis Colts
2017 record: 4-12 (3rd in AFC South)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Los Angeles Chargers Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Chargers. The two teams have met each other 29 times (including 3 postseason games), with the Indianapolis Colts winning 11 games and the Los Angeles Chargers winning 18 games.

Los Angeles Chargers lead series 18-11-0

Postseason games are listed in bold.

09/25/16INDSDHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 26-2264,747
10/14/13INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 19-957,954
11/28/10INDSDHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 36-1466,085
01/03/09 *INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 23-17, OT68,082
11/23/08INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 23-2068,428
01/13/08 †INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 28-2456,950
11/11/07INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 23-2167,726
12/18/05INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 26-1757,389
12/26/04INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 34-31, OT57,330
09/26/99INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 27-1956,942
10/04/98INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 17-1251,988
10/26/97INDSDAQualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 35-1963,177
11/03/96INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 26-1958,484
12/31/95 *INDSDAJack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 35-20--
12/17/95INDSDHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 27-24--
11/29/93INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 31-0--
11/01/92INDSDAJack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 26-0--
10/18/92INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 34-14--
11/26/89INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 10-6--
10/23/88INDSDAJack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 16-0--
12/20/87INDSDAJack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 20-7--
11/08/87INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 16-13--
11/30/86INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 17-3--
11/04/84INDSDHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 38-10--
12/26/82BALSDAJack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA)L 44-26--
10/18/81BALSDHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)L 43-14--
11/07/76BALSDASan Diego Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 37-21--
10/08/72BALSDHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)L 23-20--
09/20/70BALSDASan Diego Stadium (San Diego, CA)W 16-14--

* AFC Wild Card Game
† AFC Divisional Playoff

Los Angeles Chargers lead series 18-11-0
Points Scored: Los Angeles Chargers 687, Indianapolis Colts 525