Indianapolis Colts
2017 record: 4-12 (3rd in AFC South)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars. The two teams have met each other 34 times, with the Indianapolis Colts winning 22 games and the Jacksonville Jaguars winning 12 games.

Indianapolis Colts lead series 22-12-0

Postseason games are listed in bold.

12/03/17INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 30-1061,207
10/22/17INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 27-063,104
01/01/17INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 24-2065,160
10/02/16INDJAXAWembley Stadium (London, England)L 30-2783,764
12/13/15INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 51-1662,372
10/04/15INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 16-13, OT65,609
11/23/14INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 23-364,328
09/21/14INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)W 44-1760,601
12/29/13INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 30-1066,008
09/29/13INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)W 37-359,695
11/08/12INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)W 27-1063,272
09/23/12INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 22-1763,536
01/01/12INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 19-1362,481
11/13/11INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 17-364,619
12/19/10INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 34-2467,147
10/03/10INDJAXAEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 31-2863,111
12/17/09INDJAXAJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 35-3163,753
09/13/09INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 14-1265,757
12/18/08INDJAXAJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 31-2465,648
09/21/08INDJAXHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 23-2165,938
12/02/07INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 28-2557,302
10/22/07INDJAXAJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 29-767,164
12/10/06INDJAXAAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)L 44-1767,164
09/24/06INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 21-1457,041
12/11/05INDJAXAAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 26-1867,164
09/18/05INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 10-356,460
10/24/04INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 27-2456,615
10/03/04INDJAXAAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 24-1773,114
11/09/03INDJAXAAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)L 28-2345,037
09/21/03INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 23-1355,770
12/29/02INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 20-1356,755
09/08/02INDJAXAAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 28-2556,595
09/25/00INDJAXHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 43-1456,816
12/10/95INDJAXAJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 41-31--

Indianapolis Colts lead series 22-12-0
Points Scored: Indianapolis Colts 807, Jacksonville Jaguars 696