Indianapolis Colts Active Punting Leaders

Ranked by Punting Inside-20

The following are the Indianapolis Colts active punting leaders ranked by punting inside-20. Included are player stats for the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) from 1984-2020, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) from 1953-1983, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) in 1950 and the Baltimore Colts (AAFC) from 1947-1949. Only stats for Regular Season Games have been included. Rigoberto Sanchez is the Indianapolis Colts active leader in punts inside opponents 20 yard line with 74.

Inside-20 statistics are only available for 1976-2019 seasons.

Player Gms Num Yds Avg Lg TB In20 Blk Net
1. R. Sanchez 48 200 9,012 45.1 63 9 74 1 42.3