Indianapolis Colts Active Scoring Leaders

Ranked by Extra Point Percentage

The following are the Indianapolis Colts active scoring leaders ranked by extra point percentage. Included are player stats for the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) from 1984-2019, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) from 1953-1983, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) in 1950 and the Baltimore Colts (AAFC) from 1947-1949. Only stats for Regular Season Games have been included. Adam Vinatieri is the Indianapolis Colts active leader in with 96.7557.

Leaders based on 100 extra points attempted

      Field Goals Extra Points
Player Gms FGM FGA FG Pct XPM XPA XP Pct
1. A. Vinatieri 205 336 394 85.3 507 524 96.8