Denver Broncos
2017 record: 5-11 (4th in AFC West)

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. The two teams have met each other 27 times (including 3 postseason games), with the Denver Broncos winning 14 games and the Indianapolis Colts winning 13 games.

Denver Broncos lead series 14-13-0

Postseason games are listed in bold.

12/14/17DENINDALucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 25-1363,411
09/18/16DENINDHSports Authority Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)W 34-2076,379
11/08/15DENINDALucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 27-2466,894
01/11/15 *DENINDHSports Authority Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)L 24-1376,867
09/07/14DENINDHSports Authority Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)W 31-2476,939
10/20/13DENINDALucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 39-3367,196
09/26/10DENINDHInvesco Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)L 27-1376,401
12/13/09DENINDALucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)L 28-1667,248
09/30/07DENINDARCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 38-2057,274
10/29/06DENINDHInvesco Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)L 34-3176,767
01/09/05 †DENINDARCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 49-2456,609
01/02/05DENINDHInvesco Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)W 33-1475,149
01/04/04 †DENINDARCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 41-1056,586
12/21/03DENINDARCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 31-1757,149
11/24/02DENINDHInvesco Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)L 23-20, OT75,075
01/06/02DENINDARCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 29-1056,192
10/03/93DENINDHMile High Stadium (Denver, CO)W 35-13--
10/21/90DENINDAHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 27-17--
10/15/89DENINDHMile High Stadium (Denver, CO)W 14-3--
10/31/88DENINDAHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 55-23--
10/13/85DENINDAHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 15-10--
12/11/83DENBALHMile High Stadium (Denver, CO)W 21-19--
09/11/83DENBALAMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)W 17-10--
09/20/81DENBALHMile High Stadium (Denver, CO)W 28-10--
10/22/78DENBALAMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)L 7-6--
11/27/77DENBALHMile High Stadium (Denver, CO)W 27-13--
11/10/74DENBALAMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)W 17-6--

* AFC Divisional Playoff Game
† AFC Wild Card Game

Denver Broncos lead series 14-13-0
Points Scored: Indianapolis Colts 610, Denver Broncos 598