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Quarterback Win/Loss Records

Listed below are the Overall QB Win/Loss Records for active NFL players that have started at least one game at quarterback. Figures are sorted by number of wins. Active players are listed in bold.

Starting Quarterback statistics are available only for players that made their first QB start from 1978-present.

Regular Season and Postseason games are included in each player's totals.

Overall RecordHomeAway
T. Brady288223650.77412824095410
D. Brees2611491120.5718347066650
B. Roethlisberger219148710.6768128067430
E. Manning2261191070.5276051059560
P. Rivers201110910.5476337047540
A. Rodgers158103550.6526016043390
J. Flacco169102670.6046019042480
M. Ryan16899690.5895628043410
A. Smith15890671.5735127139400
R. Wilson10873341.6814311030231
C. Newton11565491.5703721028281
A. Dalton11262482.5623420228280
M. Stafford12860680.4693528025400
R. Fitzpatrick11948701.4082831120390
M. Schaub9448460.5112817020290
A. Luck7646300.6052611020190
R. Tannehill7737400.4812217015230
M. Cassel8236460.4391924017220
S. Bradford8034451.4312020014251
D. Carr6228340.4521615012190
K. Cousins5826311.4571613010181
N. Foles4325180.58115901090
B. Bortles6423410.359161607250
J. McCown7323500.315172406260
D. Prescott3322110.66710701240
T. Taylor4322210.51213809130
C. Keenum4021190.52512809110
M. Mariota4421230.4771110010130
C. Wentz2918110.6211220690
J. Winston4518270.400101308140
C. Henne5318350.340619012160
T. Bridgewater2917120.5861150670
B. Hoyer3816220.42110906130
R. Griffin4115260.366101205140
B. Osweiler2714130.5191040490
T. Siemian2413110.542930480
G. Smith3112190.3878804110
D. Stanton171160.647520640
J. Goff2311120.478480740
B. Gabbert4511340.24481603180
J. Garoppolo77001.000300400
C. McCoy257180.2804803100
E. Manuel186120.333450270
M. Glennon226160.273470290
B. Weeden256190.2404100290
J. Brissett175120.294460160
M. Trubisky12480.333240240
L. Jones5320.600310010
D. Watson6330.500210120
B. Hundley9360.333140220
T. Pryor10370.300320050
A. Davis10370.300140230
A. McCarron4220.500110110
T. Savage9270.222230040
M. Sanu11001.000000100
P. Mahomes11001.000000100
C. Daniel2110.500100010
N. Peterman2110.500100010
J. Webb3120.333000120
P. Lynch4130.250020110
C. Beathard5140.200130010
M. Barkley6150.167130020
M. McGloin7160.143020140
B. Petty7160.143030130
S. Mannion1010.000010000
K. Hogan1010.000000010
C. Cook1010.000000010
J. Johnson5050.000030020
C. Kessler8080.000030050
D. Kizer150150.000080070

KEY: GS = Games Started, W = Wins as Starting Quarterback, L = Losses as Starting Quarterback, T = Ties as Starting Quarterback, Pct = Winning Percentage as Starting Quarterback