2018 Buffalo Bills Penalty Statistics

The following are the 2018 NFL Player Penalty Statistics. Figures include only enforced penalties during regular season games. Does not include declined or offsetting penalties.

    Penalties Penalty Breakdown
Player Pos Team Num Yds FS HLD OFF IC PI RP PF UR UC Other
D. DawkinsOTBuf11914100000303
T. WhiteDBBuf7530500100100
J. MillsOTBuf7522300000002
J. HughesDEBuf5400020000003
W. TellerOGBuf5332200000001
L. ThomasTEBuf4411100000200
J. MillerOGBuf4390400000000
V. DucasseOGBuf4253100000000
P. GainesDBBuf31310000300000
T. JohnsonDBBuf3380101100000
K. BenjaminWRBuf3311000000101
R. BodineCBuf3300200000001
R. FosterWRBuf3300000200001
J. CroomTEBuf3201100000001
D. LaceyDBBuf3160100000002
J. PhillipsDTBuf3160010000002
K. WilliamsDTBuf3110000000003
L. PittsDBBuf2200000000002
J. AllenQBBuf2151000000001
K. LeeTEBuf2151100000000
M. NewhouseOTBuf2151100000000
C. ClayTEBuf2131100000000
A. HolmesWRBuf2120100000001
T. EdmundsLBBuf2100200000000
T. MurphyDEBuf2100020000000
M. MilanoLBBuf1250000100000
R. BushDBBuf1150000010000
L. McCoyRBBuf1100100000000
M. MurphyRBBuf1100000000001
N. PetermanQBBuf1100000000001
T. PryorWRBuf1100100000000
D. ScottWRBuf1100000000001
M. HydeDBBuf190000100000
S. NealDBBuf170100000000
P. DiMarcoRBBuf151000000000
R. GroyOGBuf151000000000
S. LotuleleiDTBuf150000000001
J. PoyerDBBuf150000000001
J. SirlesOTBuf151000000000
E. YarbroughDEBuf150100000000
N. OrchardDEBuf140000010000

KEY: Num = Number of Penalties, Yds = Yards Penalized, FS = False Start, HLD = Holding, OFF = Offsides, IC = Illegal Contact, PI = Pass Interference, RP = Roughing the Passer, PF = Personal Foul, UR = Unnecessary Roughness, UC = Unsportsmanlike Conduct