Fantasy Football Points Allowed

The following is a listing of Fantasy Football Points Allowed to Kickers for the 2019 NFL season. Only stats for regular season games are included. Fantasy Football Points are derived using The Football Database's Fantasy Football Scoring System.

Stats are complete through the end of the 2019 NFL regular season.

Fantasy Points Allowed by Position: QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DST

Fantasy Football Points Allowed to K

  Season Totals vs. K Game Averages vs. K
Team Gms PAT FG FG50+ Pts PAT FG FG50+ Pts
NE vs. K1624/2517/19075.001.5/1.61.1/
BUF vs. K1521/2416/25171.001.4/1.61.1/
SF vs. K1629/3017/20284.001.8/1.91.1/
KC vs. K1623/2721/26188.001.4/1.71.3/
TEN vs. K1630/3521/27399.001.9/2.21.3/
CHI vs. K1627/2923/302100.001.7/1.81.4/
BAL vs. K1621/2427/311104.001.3/1.51.7/
NO vs. K1633/3622/243105.002.1/2.21.4/
DAL vs. K1629/3126/320107.001.8/1.91.6/
PIT vs. K1630/3125/311107.001.9/1.91.6/
LAC vs. K1632/3823/333107.002.0/2.41.4/
HOU vs. K1642/4321/263111.002.6/2.71.3/
SEA vs. K1635/3825/351112.002.2/2.41.6/
JAX vs. K1643/4522/272113.002.7/2.81.4/
MIN vs. K1626/2729/332115.001.6/1.71.8/
CLE vs. K1642/4423/322115.002.6/2.81.4/
OAK vs. K1651/5120/263117.003.2/3.21.2/
PHI vs. K1635/3723/274118.002.2/2.31.4/
NYJ vs. K1629/3328/343119.001.8/2.11.8/
GB vs. K1628/3127/325119.001.8/1.91.7/
LA vs. K1640/4124/305122.002.5/2.61.5/
WAS vs. K1646/4825/301123.002.9/3.01.6/
DET vs. K1644/4627/341127.002.8/2.91.7/
ATL vs. K1635/4130/343131.002.2/2.61.9/
IND vs. K1638/3829/314133.002.4/2.41.8/
NYG vs. K1650/5325/325135.003.1/3.31.6/
CAR vs. K1649/5027/353136.003.1/3.11.7/
CIN vs. K1644/4530/341136.002.8/2.81.9/
ARI vs. K1649/5027/323136.003.1/3.11.7/
DEN vs. K1626/2734/395138.001.6/1.72.1/
MIA vs. K1647/5231/384148.002.9/3.21.9/
TB vs. K1638/3937/437163.002.4/2.42.3/2.70.410.2