Jacksonville Jaguars
2015 record: 5-11 (3rd in AFC South)

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans. The two teams have met each other 28 times, with the Jacksonville Jaguars winning 11 games and the Houston Texans winning 17 games.

Postseason games are listed in bold.

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01/03/2016Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansANRG Stadium (Houston, TX)L 30-671,899
10/18/2015Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 31-2058,085
12/28/2014Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansANRG Stadium (Houston, TX)L 23-1771,777
12/07/2014Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 27-1361,070
12/05/2013Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)W 27-2060,414
11/24/2013Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)W 13-671,659
11/18/2012Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 43-37, OT71,676
09/16/2012Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 27-762,907
11/27/2011Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)L 20-1362,004
10/30/2011Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 24-1471,412
01/02/2011Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 34-1771,023
11/14/2010Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHEverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)W 31-2462,340
12/06/2009Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 23-1842,079
09/27/2009Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)W 31-2470,083
12/01/2008Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 30-1770,809
09/28/2008Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 30-27, OT64,061
12/30/2007Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 42-2870,660
10/14/2007Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHJacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 37-1763,715
11/12/2006Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)L 13-1065,918
10/22/2006Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 27-770,035
12/24/2005Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)W 38-2070,025
11/06/2005Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 21-1464,613
12/26/2004Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)L 21-066,227
10/31/2004Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 20-670,502
12/07/2003Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)W 27-043,363
09/28/2003Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)L 24-2070,041
11/17/2002Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansAReliant Stadium (Houston, TX)W 24-2169,711
10/27/2002Jacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansHAlltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)L 21-1953,721

Houston Texans lead series 17-11-0
Points Scored: Houston Texans 648, Jacksonville Jaguars 553