Indianapolis Colts
2015 record: 8-8 (2nd in AFC South)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. The two teams have met each other 43 times (including 1 postseason game), with the Indianapolis Colts winning 29 games and the Tennessee Titans winning 14 games.

Postseason games are listed in bold.

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01/03/2016Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 30-2465,733
09/27/2015Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 35-3365,920
12/28/2014Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 27-1069,143
09/28/2014Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 41-1764,757
12/01/2013Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 22-1465,502
11/14/2013Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 30-2769,143
12/09/2012Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 27-2364,688
10/28/2012Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 19-13, OT69,143
12/18/2011Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 27-1364,271
10/30/2011Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)L 27-1069,143
01/02/2011Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 23-2067,188
12/09/2010Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 30-2869,143
12/06/2009Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 27-1766,321
10/11/2009Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 31-969,143
12/28/2008Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHLucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)W 23-066,721
10/27/2008Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)L 31-2169,143
12/30/2007Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 16-1057,202
09/16/2007Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)W 22-2069,143
12/03/2006Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansALP Field (Nashville, TN)L 20-1769,143
10/08/2006Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 14-1357,021
12/04/2005Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 35-357,228
10/02/2005Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansAThe Coliseum (Nashville, TN)W 31-1069,149
12/05/2004Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 51-2457,278
09/19/2004Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansAThe Coliseum (Nashville, TN)W 31-1768,932
12/07/2003Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansAThe Coliseum (Nashville, TN)W 29-2768,809
09/14/2003Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 33-756,999
12/08/2002Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansAThe Coliseum (Nashville, TN)L 27-1768,804
11/03/2002Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 23-1556,752
01/16/2000 *Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 19-1657,097
09/04/1994Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersHRCA Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 45-21--
09/13/1992Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 20-10--
09/23/1990Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersAAstrodome (Houston, TX)L 24-10--
09/04/1988Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)L 17-14, OT--
11/29/1987Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 51-27--
11/23/1986Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersAAstrodome (Houston, TX)L 31-17--
12/22/1985Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersHHoosier Dome (Indianapolis, IN)W 34-16--
09/09/1984Indianapolis ColtsHouston OilersAAstrodome (Houston, TX)W 35-21--
12/18/1983Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)W 20-10--
09/21/1980Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersAAstrodome (Houston, TX)L 21-16--
10/14/1979Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)L 28-16--
11/01/1976Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)W 38-14--
11/04/1973Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersHMemorial Stadium (Baltimore, MD)L 31-27--
10/11/1970Baltimore ColtsHouston OilersAAstrodome (Houston, TX)W 24-20--

* 1999 AFC Divisional Playoff Game

Indianapolis Colts lead series 29-14-0
Points Scored: Indianapolis Colts 1101, Tennessee Titans 833