Indianapolis Colts
2014 record: 11-5 (1st in AFC South)

Indianapolis Colts All-time Leading Passers

The following are the alltime Indianapolis Colts Passing leaders, sorted by passing yards. Included are player passing stats for the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) from 1984-2015, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) from 1953-1983, the Baltimore Colts (NFL) in 1950 and the Baltimore Colts (AAFC) from 1947-1949. Peyton Manning is the alltime Indianapolis Colts leader in passing yards with 54,828.

Players active with the Indianapolis Colts during the 2014 NFL season are listed in bold.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Att = Pass Attempts, Cmp = Pass Completions, Pct = Pass Completion Percentage, Yds = Passing Yards, YPA = Yards Per Pass Attempt, TD = Touchdown Passes, TD% = Touchdown Pass Percentage, Int = Intercepted Passes, Int% = Pass Interception Percentage, Lg = Longest Pass Completion, Sack = Passing Sacks, Loss = Sack Yards Lost, Rate = Passer Rating

Player Seasons # Yrs Att Cmp Pct Yds YPA TD Int Lg Rate
Peyton Manning1998-2010137,2104,68264.954,8287.639919886t94.9
Johnny Unitas1956-1972175,1102,79654.739,7687.828724689t78.8
Bert Jones1973-198192,4641,38256.117,6637.21229790t78.8
Andrew Luck2012-201431,8131,06258.612,9577.186438086.6
Jack Trudeau1986-199381,53681252.99,6476.3416284t64.4
Jeff George1990-199341,53287457.09,5516.241467572.0
Jim Harbaugh1994-199741,23074660.78,7057.1492685t86.6
Mike Pagel1982-198541,15458750.97,4746.5394780t65.8
Earl Morrall1968-1971467636353.75,6668.447408480.3
Marty Domres1972-1975457629350.93,4716.0213166t59.3
Greg Landry1979-1981353330857.83,4026.4171967t72.6
Gary Hogeboom1986-1988344326058.73,2957.4221872t81.6
George Shaw1955-1958441021051.22,8206.921318259.0
Chris Chandler1988-1989231316853.72,1566.9101582t66.2
Paul Justin1995-1997330317758.42,0976.9774477.7
Bill Troup1976-1978331616251.31,9996.3102367t51.4
Y.A. Tittle1950131516151.11,8846.08196252.9
Gary Kerkorian1954-1956324813454.01,7837.211157866.6
Curtis Painter2009,2011227114051.71,6246.061187t60.6
Gary Cuozzo1963-1966420810550.51,3916.71396974.8
Fred Enke1953-195421978844.71,2256.28185540.7
Dan Orlovsky2011119312263.21,2016.2644082.4
Don Majkowski1993-199421769755.11,1156.3682966.8
Art Schlichter1982,1984-198532029145.01,0065.03115442.6
Jim Sorgi2004-2005,2007-200841569963.59296.06171t89.9