Chicago Bears
2015 record: 6-10 (4th in NFC North)

Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. The two teams have met each other 26 times, with the Chicago Bears winning 18 games and the Pittsburgh Steelers winning 7 games. They have also tied 1 time.

Postseason games are listed in bold.

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09/22/2013Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAHeinz Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 40-2361,575
09/20/2009Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHSoldier Field (Chicago, IL)W 17-1462,231
12/11/2005Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAHeinz Field (Pittsburgh, PA)L 21-961,237
09/13/1998Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAThree Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)L 17-1259,084
11/05/1995Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHSoldier Field (Chicago, IL)L 37-34, OT--
12/13/1992Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHSoldier Field (Chicago, IL)W 30-6--
11/12/1989Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAThree Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)W 20-0--
11/30/1986Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHSoldier Field (Chicago, IL)W 13-10, OT--
09/28/1980Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAThree Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)L 38-3--
10/19/1975Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAThree Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)L 34-3--
09/19/1971Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHSoldier Field (Chicago, IL)W 17-15--
11/09/1969Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 38-7--
09/17/1967Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAPitt Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)L 41-13--
11/24/1963Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)T 17-17--
12/06/1959Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 27-21--
11/30/1958Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersAPitt Stadium (Pittsburgh, PA)L 24-10--
12/04/1949Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 30-21--
11/23/1947Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 49-7--
11/25/1945Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 28-7--
10/26/1941Chicago BearsPittsburgh SteelersHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 34-7--
10/02/1939Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 32-0--
10/04/1937Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 7-0--
10/18/1936Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesHWrigley Field (Chicago, IL)W 26-7--
10/04/1936Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 27-9--
09/29/1935Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 23-7--
10/10/1934Chicago BearsPittsburgh PiratesAForbes Field (Pittsburgh, PA)W 28-0--

Chicago Bears lead series 18-7-1
Points Scored: Chicago Bears 587, Pittsburgh Steelers 390