Chicago Bears
2014 record: 5-11 (4th in NFC North)

Chicago Bears All-time Leading Passers

The following are the alltime Chicago Bears Passing leaders, sorted by passing yards. Included are player passing stats for the Chicago Bears (NFL) from 1922-2015, the Chicago Staleys (APFA) in 1921 and the Decatur Staleys (APFA) in 1920. Jay Cutler is the alltime Chicago Bears leader in passing yards with 18,725.

Players active with the Chicago Bears during the 2014 NFL season are listed in bold.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Att = Pass Attempts, Cmp = Pass Completions, Pct = Pass Completion Percentage, Yds = Passing Yards, YPA = Yards Per Pass Attempt, TD = Touchdown Passes, TD% = Touchdown Pass Percentage, Int = Intercepted Passes, Int% = Pass Interception Percentage, Lg = Longest Pass Completion, Sack = Passing Sacks, Loss = Sack Yards Lost, Rate = Passer Rating

Player Seasons # Yrs Att Cmp Pct Yds YPA TD Int Lg Rate
Jay Cutler2009-201462,6511,62861.418,7257.11299389t84.3
Sid Luckman1939-1950121,74490451.814,6868.41371328675.0
Jim Harbaugh1987-199371,7591,02358.211,5676.6505684t74.2
Jim McMahon1982-198871,51387457.811,2037.4675687t80.4
Erik Kramer1994-199851,55791358.610,5826.8634585t80.7
Billy Wade1961-196661,40776754.59,9587.1686698t73.6
Ed Brown1954-196181,24660748.79,6987.8638891t62.5
Bob Avellini1975-1979,1981-1982,198481,11056050.57,1116.4336975t54.8
Johnny Lujack1948-1951480840450.06,2957.841548165.3
Rudy Bukich1958-1959,1962-1968987847454.06,2547.1464580t72.9
Mike Tomczak1985-1990691545449.66,2476.833478562.5
Vince Evans1978-1983695346448.76,1726.5315389t57.3
Rex Grossman2003-2008696252154.26,1646.433356270.2
George Blanda1949-1950,1952-1958998844545.05,9366.048707651.3
Jim Miller1999-2002496556558.55,8676.1342677t76.7
Kyle Orton2005,2007-2008391350555.35,3195.8302765t71.1
Jack Concannon1967-1971595148651.15,2225.5315293t55.6
Bobby Douglass1969-1975789537642.04,9325.5305185t47.5
Zeke Bratkowski1954,1957-1960553726349.03,6396.824587146.4
Shane Matthews1996,1999-2001459936661.13,4615.819185675.1
Bernie Masterson1934-1940740915638.13,3668.23438057.2
Gary Huff1973-1975361431050.53,2715.312347349.8
Cade McNown1999-2000251528154.63,1116.0161980t67.7
Mike Phipps1977-1981548225352.52,8065.8152768t57.1
Dave Krieg1996137722659.92,2786.0141253t76.3