Atlanta Falcons
2017 record: 5-4 (3rd in NFC South)

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers Results

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. The two teams have met each other 45 times, with the Atlanta Falcons winning 27 games and the Carolina Panthers winning 18 games.

Atlanta Falcons lead series 27-18-0

Postseason games are listed in bold.

11/05/17ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 20-1774,244
12/24/16ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 33-1673,549
10/02/16ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 48-3370,508
12/27/15ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 20-1370,981
12/13/15ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 38-074,420
12/28/14ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 34-371,015
11/16/14ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 19-1773,314
12/29/13ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 21-2070,427
11/03/13ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 34-1073,720
12/09/12ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 30-2073,292
09/30/12ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 30-2869,594
12/11/11ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 31-2372,680
10/16/11ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 31-1769,047
01/02/11ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 31-1067,349
12/12/10ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 31-1071,235
11/15/09ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 28-1973,239
09/20/09ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 28-2067,313
11/23/08ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 45-2864,841
09/28/08ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 24-972,688
11/11/07ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 20-1373,340
09/23/07ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 27-2068,175
12/24/06ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 10-368,834
09/10/06ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 20-673,522
01/01/06ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 44-1170,796
12/04/05ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 24-673,661
12/18/04ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 34-31, OT70,845
10/03/04ATLCARABank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 27-1073,461
12/07/03ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 20-14, OT70,079
09/28/03ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 23-372,765
11/24/02ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 41-072,533
10/20/02ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 30-068,056
11/25/01ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 10-772,234
09/23/01ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 24-1647,804
10/29/00ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 13-1246,178
09/17/00ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 15-1073,025
11/28/99ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 34-2855,507
10/31/99ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 27-2052,594
10/04/98ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 51-2350,724
09/06/98ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)W 19-1465,129
10/26/97ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 21-1254,675
09/07/97ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)L 9-651,829
11/03/96ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 20-1742,726
09/01/96ATLCARAEricsson Stadium (Charlotte, NC)L 29-669,522
12/17/95ATLCARAMemorial Stadium (Clemson, SC)L 21-17--
09/03/95ATLCARHGeorgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)W 23-20, OT--

Atlanta Falcons lead series 27-18-0
Points Scored: Atlanta Falcons 951, Carolina Panthers 899