2014 NFL Turnover Differential

The following are the turnover differential statistics for the 2014 NFL season. Turnover Differential is calculated by subtracting the total number of giveaways (interceptions & fumbles lost) from the total number of takeaways (interceptions & opponent fumble recoveries).

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Int = Interceptions, Fum = Fumbles, Tot = Total Takeaways or Total Giveaways, Diff = Turnover Differential

  Takeaways Giveaways  
Team Gms Int Fum Tot Int Fum Tot Diff
Green Bay Packers16189276713+14
Houston Texans1620143413922+12
New England Patriots16169259413+12
Seattle Seahawks161311247714+10
Arizona Cardinals161872512517+8
Buffalo Bills16191130131023+7
Detroit Lions162072712820+7
San Francisco 49ers1623629101222+7
Cleveland Browns162182916723+6
Dallas Cowboys16181331111425+6
Atlanta Falcons1616122815823+5
Denver Broncos161872515520+5
Carolina Panthers16141226121123+3
Baltimore Ravens1611112212820+2
Miami Dolphins16141125121123+2
Cincinnati Bengals1620626179260
Pittsburgh Steelers161110211011210
Minnesota Vikings161361918220-1
New York Giants1617926141428-2
St. Louis Rams16131225161127-2
Kansas City Chiefs16681461117-3
Chicago Bears16141024191029-5
Indianapolis Colts16121426161531-5
San Diego Chargers167111818523-5
Jacksonville Jaguars166142018826-6
Philadelphia Eagles16121628211536-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers16141125201333-8
Tennessee Titans1612416161026-10
New York Jets16671315924-11
Washington Redskins1671219181331-12
New Orleans Saints1612517171330-13
Oakland Raiders169514161329-15