2014 NFL Turnover Differential

The following are the turnover differential statistics for the 2014 NFL season. Turnover Differential is calculated by subtracting the total number of giveaways (interceptions & fumbles lost) from the total number of takeaways (interceptions & opponent fumble recoveries).

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Int = Interceptions, Fum = Fumbles, Tot = Total Takeaways or Total Giveaways, Diff = Turnover Differential

  Takeaways Giveaways  
Team Gms Int Fum Tot Int Fum Tot Diff
Green Bay Packers710414224+10
New England Patriots77714235+9
Arizona Cardinals68311134+7
Carolina Panthers77512358+4
Cincinnati Bengals67310336+4
Denver Broncos7718314+4
San Diego Chargers8459505+4
San Francisco 49ers77411527+4
Cleveland Browns6718235+3
Houston Texans769157613+2
Tennessee Titans78311729+2
Buffalo Bills784126511+1
Detroit Lions783116410+1
Pittsburgh Steelers7459358+1
Seattle Seahawks6235224+1
Baltimore Ravens7461055100
Miami Dolphins6471156110
New York Giants71121358130
Atlanta Falcons748128513-1
Chicago Bears784127613-1
Dallas Cowboys775126713-1
Indianapolis Colts766127613-1
Kansas City Chiefs6314426-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers646107512-2
Minnesota Vikings763911112-3
St. Louis Rams63475510-3
Oakland Raiders63367310-4
Philadelphia Eagles63697714-5
Jacksonville Jaguars725711415-8
New Orleans Saints63147512-8
New York Jets71237512-9
Washington Redskins73369615-9