2011 NFL Yards from Scrimmage Statistics

The following are the 2011 NFL Yards from Scrimmage statistical leaders, sorted by yards from scrimmage.

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      Total Rushing Receiving
Player Pos Gms Yds YPG Yds YPG Yds YPG
R. Rice, BalRB162,068129.21,36485.270444.0
M. Jones-Drew, JaxRB161,980123.81,606100.437423.4
A. Foster, HouRB131,841141.61,22494.261747.5
C. Johnson, DetWR161,692105.8110.71,681105.1
L. McCoy, PhiRB151,624108.31,30987.331521.0
W. Welker, NEWR161,59999.9301.91,56998.1
R. Mathews, SDRB141,546110.41,09177.945532.5
V. Cruz, NYGWR161,53996.230.21,53696.0
M. Turner, AtlRB161,50894.21,34083.816810.5
M. Forte, ChiRB121,487123.999783.149040.8
S. Jackson, StlRB151,47898.51,14576.333322.2
C. Johnson, TenRB161,46591.61,04765.441826.1
S. Smith, CarWR161,45090.6563.51,39487.1
M. Lynch, SeaRB151,41694.41,20480.321214.1
L. Fitzgerald, AriWR161,41188.200.01,41188.2
M. Bush, OakRB161,39587.297761.141826.1
R. Bush, MiaRB151,38292.11,08672.429619.7
F. Jackson, BufRB101,376137.693493.444244.2
R. Gronkowski, NETE161,32983.120.11,32782.9
F. Gore, SFRB161,32582.81,21175.71147.1
D. Sproles, NORB161,31382.160337.771044.4
P. Harvin, MinWR161,31282.034521.696760.4
J. Graham, NOTE161,31081.900.01,31081.9
R. White, AtlWR161,29681.000.01,29681.0
S. Greene, NYJRB161,26579.11,05465.921113.2

KEY: Pos = Position, Gms = Games Played, Yds = Yards, YPG = Yards Per Game

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