2012 NFL Passing Statistics

The following are the 2012 NFL Passing statistical leaders, sorted by touchdown passes.

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Player Att Cmp Pct Yds YPA TD TD% Int Int% Lg Sack Loss Rate
D. Brees, NO67042263.05,1777.7436.4192.880t2619096.3
A. Rodgers, GB55237167.24,2957.8397.181.47351293108.0
P. Manning, Den58340068.64,6598.0376.3111.971t21137105.8
T. Brady, NE63740163.04,8277.6345.381.383t2718298.7
M. Ryan, Atl61542268.64,7197.7325.2142.380t2821099.1
T. Romo, Dal64842565.64,9037.6284.3192.985t3626390.5
A. Dalton, Cin52832962.33,6696.9275.1163.059t4622987.4
J. Freeman, TB55830654.84,0657.3274.8173.0952616181.6
E. Manning, NYG53632159.93,9487.4264.9152.880t1913687.2
P. Rivers, SD52733864.13,6066.8264.9152.880t4931188.6
B. Roethlisberger, Pit44928463.33,2657.3265.881.882t3018297.0
R. Wilson, Sea39325264.13,1187.9266.6102.56733203100.0
R. Fitzpatrick, Buf50530660.63,4006.7244.8163.268t3016183.3
A. Luck, Ind62733954.14,3747.0233.7182.970t4124676.5
J. Flacco, Bal53131759.73,8177.2224.1101.961t3522787.7
C. Palmer, Oak56534561.14,0187.1223.9142.564t2619985.3
M. Schaub, Hou54435064.34,0087.4224.0122.260t2721690.7
S. Bradford, Stl55132859.53,7026.7213.8132.480t3523382.6
R. Griffin, Was39325865.63,2008.1205.151.388t30217102.4
M. Stafford, Det72743559.84,9676.8202.8172.3572921279.8
J. Cutler, Chi43425558.83,0337.0194.4143.260t3825081.3
C. Newton, Car48528057.73,8698.0193.9122.5823624486.2
C. Ponder, Min48330062.12,9356.1183.7122.5653218481.2
B. Weeden, Cle51729757.43,3856.5142.7173.371t2818672.6
M. Sanchez, NYJ45324654.32,8836.4132.9184.0663420966.9

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Att = Pass Attempts, Cmp = Pass Completions, Pct = Pass Completion Percentage, Yds = Passing Yards, YPA = Yards Per Pass Attempt, TD = Touchdown Passes, TD% = Touchdown Pass Percentage, Int = Intercepted Passes, Int% = Pass Interception Percentage, Lg = Longest Pass Completion, Sack = Passing Sacks, Loss = Sack Yards Lost, Rate = Passer Rating

2012 NFL Statistics by Team