2012 NFL Kicking Statistics

The following are the 2012 NFL Kicking statistical leaders, sorted by points scored.

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Player PAT FG 0-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Lg Pts
S. Gostkowski, NE66/6629/350/08/810/129/132/253153
L. Tynes, NYG46/4633/390/011/1114/167/91/350145
M. Bryant, Atl44/4433/381/18/910/1110/134/455143
B. Walsh, Min36/3635/380/010/108/97/910/1056141
S. Graham, Hou45/4531/381/18/811/117/94/951138
J. Hanson, Det38/3832/361/13/310/1016/192/353134
M. Prater, Den55/5526/321/17/710/115/93/453133
J. Tucker, Bal42/4230/330/08/88/810/134/456132
D. Akers, SF44/4429/421/18/911/137/132/663131
D. Bailey, Dal37/3729/311/15/513/137/73/551124
C. Barth, TB39/3928/330/07/73/412/136/957123
S. Hauschka, Sea46/4824/271/17/710/105/51/452118
S. Janikowski, Oak25/2531/341/19/910/105/56/957118
S. Suisham, Pit34/3428/310/07/88/812/121/352118
P. Dawson, Cle29/2929/310/08/98/96/67/753116
A. Vinatieri, Ind37/3726/331/18/84/79/104/753115
M. Crosby, GB50/5021/330/05/55/79/122/954113
G. Hartley, NO57/5718/220/09/94/62/33/453111
R. Bironas, Ten35/3525/310/06/613/135/101/253110
A. Henery, Phi25/2627/310/08/98/911/120/149106
R. Lindell, Buf39/3921/241/13/310/116/71/250102
R. Succop, KC17/1728/340/04/512/1510/122/252101
J. Feely, Ari25/2525/280/06/69/108/102/261100
R. Gould, Chi33/3321/250/07/75/77/92/25496
G. Zuerlein, Stl26/2623/311/14/44/67/77/136095

KEY: PAT = Extra Points, FG = Field Goals, 0-19 = 0-19 Yard Field Goals, 20-29 = 20-29 Yard Field Goals, 30-39 = 30-39 Yard Field Goals, 40-49 = 40-49 Yard Field Goals, 50+ = 50+ Yard Field Goals, Lg = Longest Successful Field Goal, Pts = Points Scored

2012 NFL Statistics by Team