2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection

The 2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection statistics are a summary of all offensive plays from scrimmage — excluding punts, field goal attempts and plays nullified by penalty. Only regular season games are included.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Plays = Number of Offensive Plays, Rush = Number of Rushing Plays, Rush % = Rushing Play Percentage, Pass = Number of Passing Plays, Pass % = Passing Play Percentage

Team Gms Plays Rush Rush % Pass Pass %
Indianapolis Colts753822141.131758.9
San Diego Chargers850622143.728556.3
Pittsburgh Steelers746819341.227558.8
New York Jets746620343.626356.4
Dallas Cowboys746123551.022649.0
Detroit Lions746118540.127659.9
San Francisco 49ers746121045.625154.4
New England Patriots746019342.026758.0
Baltimore Ravens745820544.825355.2
New York Giants745821346.524553.5
Carolina Panthers745717939.227860.8
Buffalo Bills745017538.927561.1
Denver Broncos745018942.026158.0
Atlanta Falcons744915233.929766.1
Minnesota Vikings744418942.625557.4
Chicago Bears744316236.628163.4
Washington Redskins744017038.627061.4
Jacksonville Jaguars743415335.328164.7
New Orleans Saints641915035.826964.2
Houston Texans741721351.120448.9
Green Bay Packers741017542.723557.3
Philadelphia Eagles641016640.524459.5
Tennessee Titans740417142.323357.7
Miami Dolphins640217042.323257.7
Cleveland Browns639519549.420050.6
St. Louis Rams639015539.723560.3
Kansas City Chiefs638818647.920252.1
Arizona Cardinals638016042.122057.9
Cincinnati Bengals636716344.420455.6
Seattle Seahawks636017047.219052.8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers634912435.522564.5
Oakland Raiders633011133.621966.4