2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection

The 2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection statistics are a summary of all offensive plays from scrimmage — excluding punts, field goal attempts and plays nullified by penalty. Only regular season games are included.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Plays = Number of Offensive Plays, Rush = Number of Rushing Plays, Rush % = Rushing Play Percentage, Pass = Number of Passing Plays, Pass % = Passing Play Percentage

Team Gms Plays Rush Rush % Pass Pass %
Washington Redskins32209342.312757.7
Indianapolis Colts32168137.513562.5
Philadelphia Eagles32158640.012960.0
Baltimore Ravens32148941.612558.4
Miami Dolphins32127937.313362.7
New England Patriots32108942.412157.6
Detroit Lions32078641.512158.5
New Orleans Saints32078742.012058.0
Kansas City Chiefs32028944.111355.9
Atlanta Falcons31998040.211959.8
San Diego Chargers31989849.510050.5
New York Giants31969146.410553.6
St. Louis Rams31958141.511458.5
Cleveland Browns31919047.110152.9
Dallas Cowboys31919549.79650.3
Cincinnati Bengals319010253.78846.3
Pittsburgh Steelers31898142.910857.1
Tennessee Titans31887942.010958.0
Arizona Cardinals31878143.310656.7
Denver Broncos31857138.411461.6
Carolina Panthers31846736.411763.6
Houston Texans318310557.47842.6
San Francisco 49ers31818144.810055.2
Seattle Seahawks31818748.19451.9
Buffalo Bills31808848.99251.1
Green Bay Packers31766536.911163.1
Jacksonville Jaguars31745531.611968.4
Minnesota Vikings31727342.49957.6
Oakland Raiders31645432.911067.1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers31646539.69960.4
New York Jets21367152.26547.8
Chicago Bears21213528.98671.1