2013 NFL Offensive Play Selection

The 2013 NFL Offensive Play Selection statistics are a summary of all offensive plays from scrimmage — excluding punts, field goal attempts and plays nullified by penalty. Only regular season games are included.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Plays = Number of Offensive Plays, Rush = Number of Rushing Plays, Rush % = Rushing Play Percentage, Pass = Number of Passing Plays, Pass % = Passing Play Percentage

Team Gms Plays Rush Rush % Pass Pass %
Denver Broncos16115646139.969560.1
New England Patriots16113847041.366858.7
Buffalo Bills16111654648.957051.1
Washington Redskins16110745340.965459.1
Detroit Lions16110244540.465759.6
Cincinnati Bengals16109748143.861656.2
Baltimore Ravens16109042338.866761.2
Houston Texans16108941438.067562.0
New Orleans Saints16107939136.268863.8
Cleveland Browns16107834832.373067.7
Green Bay Packers16107445942.761557.3
San Diego Chargers16106048645.857454.2
Philadelphia Eagles16105450047.455452.6
Arizona Cardinals16103742240.761559.3
Tennessee Titans16103246244.857055.2
Kansas City Chiefs16102944243.058757.0
Atlanta Falcons16102432131.370368.7
Indianapolis Colts16102340940.061460.0
Pittsburgh Steelers16102339438.562961.5
Jacksonville Jaguars16102037837.164262.9
New York Jets16102049348.352751.7
Chicago Bears16101340439.960960.1
Minnesota Vikings16101342341.859058.2
Miami Dolphins16100134934.965265.1
Oakland Raiders16100043743.756356.3
Carolina Panthers1699948348.351651.7
New York Giants1698838138.660761.4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1698142042.856157.2
Seattle Seahawks1697350952.346447.7
St. Louis Rams1696842644.054256.0
San Francisco 49ers1696150552.545647.5
Dallas Cowboys1695733635.162164.9