2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection

The 2014 NFL Offensive Play Selection statistics are a summary of all offensive plays from scrimmage — excluding punts, field goal attempts and plays nullified by penalty. Only regular season games are included.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Plays = Number of Offensive Plays, Rush = Number of Rushing Plays, Rush % = Rushing Play Percentage, Pass = Number of Passing Plays, Pass % = Passing Play Percentage

Team Gms Plays Rush Rush % Pass Pass %
Philadelphia Eagles1180032540.647559.4
Indianapolis Colts1179430638.548861.5
New Orleans Saints1177629638.148061.9
New England Patriots1175731441.544358.5
Pittsburgh Steelers1174930340.544659.5
Denver Broncos1173827837.746062.3
New York Giants1173830341.143558.9
Cleveland Browns1173635147.738552.3
New York Jets1173132143.941056.1
Detroit Lions1172127137.645062.4
San Francisco 49ers1171932945.839054.2
Carolina Panthers1171329040.742359.3
Miami Dolphins1171329341.142058.9
Atlanta Falcons1170725636.245163.8
Baltimore Ravens1170531544.739055.3
Chicago Bears1170526938.243661.8
Houston Texans1170535450.235149.8
Cincinnati Bengals1169833247.636652.4
Buffalo Bills1169627739.841960.2
Dallas Cowboys1169634048.935651.1
Minnesota Vikings1169027940.441159.6
Washington Redskins1168728841.939958.1
Seattle Seahawks1168634550.334149.7
Arizona Cardinals1168328041.040359.0
San Diego Chargers1168329443.038957.0
Jacksonville Jaguars1168125537.442662.6
St. Louis Rams1167728041.439758.6
Kansas City Chiefs1167532147.635452.4
Green Bay Packers1166328342.738057.3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1165723936.441863.6
Oakland Raiders1165421432.744067.3
Tennessee Titans1161624039.037661.0