2012 NFL Player Penalty Statistics

The following are the 2012 NFL Player Penalty Statistics. Figures include only enforced penalties during regular season games. Does not include declined or offsetting penalties.

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  Penalties Penalty Breakdown
Player Num Yds FS HLD OFF IC PI RP PF UR UC Other
John Abraham (LB), AtlJ. Abraham (LB), Atl5250030000002
Sam Acho (DE), AriS. Acho (DE), Ari3320110100000
Michael Adams (DB), AriM. Adams (DB), Ari2250000000101
Mike Adams (DB), DenM. Adams (DB), Den3390100100100
Mike Adams (OT), PitM. Adams (OT), Pit2150100000001
Phillip Adams (DB), OakP. Adams (DB), Oak150000000001
Al Afalava (DB), TenA. Afalava (DB), Ten2151100000000
Danny Aiken (LS), NED. Aiken (LS), NE151000000000
Branden Albert (OG), KCB. Albert (OG), KC6355100000000
Alex Albright (LB), DalA. Albright (LB), Dal1100000000001
Danario Alexander (WR), SDD. Alexander (WR), SD3212000100000
Lorenzo Alexander (LB), WasL. Alexander (LB), Was3250010000002
Mister Alexander (LB), HouM. Alexander (LB), Hou2190000000002
Anthony Allen (RB), BalA. Allen (RB), Bal3350100000002
Antonio Allen (DB), NYJA. Allen (DB), NYJ2430000100001
Armando Allen (RB), ChiA. Allen (RB), Chi1100000000001
Cortez Allen (DB), PitC. Allen (DB), Pit3730000200001
Dwayne Allen (TE), IndD. Allen (TE), Ind4401100101000
Jared Allen (DE), MinJ. Allen (DE), Min6500020001102
Jason Allen (DB), CinJ. Allen (DB), Cin1100100000000
Jeff Allen (OG), KCJ. Allen (OG), KC4351300000000
Russell Allen (LB), JaxR. Allen (LB), Jax2220000010100
Will Allen (DB), PitW. Allen (DB), Pit2200200000000
Jonathon Amaya (DB), MiaJ. Amaya (DB), Mia180100000000
Danny Amendola (WR), StlD. Amendola (WR), Stl2101000000001
Prince Amukamara (DB), NYGP. Amukamara (DB), NYG4550000100102
Colt Anderson (DB), PhiC. Anderson (DB), Phi150000100000
James Anderson (LB), CarJ. Anderson (LB), Car2180000000101
Mark Anderson (DE), BufM. Anderson (DE), Buf150000000001
Javier Arenas (DB), KCJ. Arenas (DB), KC2370000100100
Kyle Arrington (DB), NEK. Arrington (DB), NE4650100300000
Jon Asamoah (OG), KCJ. Asamoah (OG), KC2151100000000
Nnamdi Asomugha (DB), PhiN. Asomugha (DB), Phi5450101300000
Geno Atkins (DT), CinG. Atkins (DT), Cin150100000000
David Ausberry (WR), OakD. Ausberry (WR), Oak141000000000
Miles Austin (WR), DalM. Austin (WR), Dal150000000001
Jason Avant (WR), PhiJ. Avant (WR), Phi151000000000
Donnie Avery (WR), IndD. Avery (WR), Ind1150000000001
Cliff Avril (DE), DetC. Avril (DE), Det3150020000001
Brendon Ayanbadejo (LB), BalB. Ayanbadejo (LB), Bal2200100000001
Akeem Ayers (LB), TenA. Ayers (LB), Ten5340000110102
Robert Ayers (DE), DenR. Ayers (DE), Den3250010010001
David Baas (C), NYGD. Baas (C), NYG2151100000000
Jason Babin (DE), JaxJ. Babin (DE), Jax8540130020002
Jordan Babineaux (DB), TenJ. Babineaux (DB), Ten3260100100001
Jeff Backus (OT), DetJ. Backus (OT), Det4302200000000
Johnson Bademosi (DB), CleJ. Bademosi (DB), Cle1150000000001
Allen Bailey (DE), KCA. Bailey (DE), KC1100100000000
Champ Bailey (DB), DenC. Bailey (DB), Den6400401000100
Billy Bajema (TE), BalB. Bajema (TE), Bal2170200000000

KEY: Num = Number of Penalties, Yds = Yards Penalized, FS = False Start, HLD = Holding, OFF = Offsides, IC = Illegal Contact, PI = Pass Interference, RP = Roughing the Passer, PF = Personal Foul, UR = Unnecessary Roughness, UC = Unsportsmanlike Conduct