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2012 NFL Player Penalty Statistics

The following are the 2012 NFL Player Penalty Statistics. Figures include only enforced penalties during regular season games. Does not include declined or offsetting penalties.

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  Penalties Penalty Breakdown
Player Num Yds FS HLD OFF IC PI RP PF UR UC Other
Philip Rivers (QB), SDP. Rivers (QB), SD127720000000010
Sam Bradford (QB), StlS. Bradford (QB), Stl9490000000009
Jake Locker (QB), TenJ. Locker (QB), Ten7440000000007
Russell Wilson (QB), SeaR. Wilson (QB), Sea7420000000007
Tony Romo (QB), DalT. Romo (QB), Dal7350000000007
Nick Fairley (DT), DetN. Fairley (DT), Det9630020000106
Drew Brees (QB), NOD. Brees (QB), NO6691000000005
Brandon Mebane (DT), SeaB. Mebane (DT), Sea6500000000105
Antonio Smith (DE), HouA. Smith (DE), Hou6450000010005
Michael Bennett (DE), TBM. Bennett (DE), TB6400000010005
Josh Freeman (QB), TBJ. Freeman (QB), TB6311000000005
Malcolm Jenkins (DB), NOM. Jenkins (DB), NO5570000000005
Charles Johnson (DE), CarC. Johnson (DE), Car5370000000005
Colin Kaepernick (QB), SFC. Kaepernick (QB), SF5370000000005
Andy Dalton (QB), CinA. Dalton (QB), Cin5350000000005
Carson Palmer (QB), OakC. Palmer (QB), Oak5260000000005
Tommy Kelly (DT), OakT. Kelly (DT), Oak9750020010204
Aldon Smith (DE), SFA. Smith (DE), SF8750020000204
Chris Long (DE), StlC. Long (DE), Stl7550010010104
C.J. Spillman (DB), SFC. Spillman (DB), SF6611000000104
Tommie Campbell (DB), TenT. Campbell (DB), Ten6560200000004
Vince Wilfork (DT), NEV. Wilfork (DT), NE6490010000104
Sen'Derrick Marks (DT), TenS. Marks (DT), Ten6440010000104
Torrey Smith (WR), BalT. Smith (WR), Bal6422000000004
Kyle Williams (DT), BufK. Williams (DT), Buf6320010010004
Robert Griffin III (QB), WasR. Griffin (QB), Was5431000000004
Eli Manning (QB), NYGE. Manning (QB), NYG5351000000004
Jabaal Sheard (DE), CleJ. Sheard (DE), Cle5350100000004
Andrew Luck (QB), IndA. Luck (QB), Ind4330000000004
Kevin Vickerson (DT), DenK. Vickerson (DT), Den4300000000004
Cam Newton (QB), CarC. Newton (QB), Car4280000000004
Fletcher Cox (DT), PhiF. Cox (DT), Phi4250000000004
Matt Cassel (QB), KCM. Cassel (QB), KC4230000000004
Aaron Rodgers (QB), GBA. Rodgers (QB), GB4200000000004
Alex Smith (QB), SFA. Smith (QB), SF4200000000004
Matt Hasselbeck (QB), TenM. Hasselbeck (QB), Ten4170000000004
Phil Loadholt (OT), MinP. Loadholt (OT), Min11855200000103
Von Miller (LB), DenV. Miller (LB), Den10800130030003
DeAngelo Hall (DB), WasD. Hall (DB), Was7770200000203
Jarrett Bush (DB), GBJ. Bush (DB), GB7451100100103
Aaron Hernandez (TE), NEA. Hernandez (TE), NE7452000200003
Quentin Groves (DE), AriQ. Groves (DE), Ari6450120000003
Martez Wilson (LB), NOM. Wilson (LB), NO6440110000103
Daryl Washington (LB), AriD. Washington (LB), Ari5540001010003
Donald Stephenson (OG), KCD. Stephenson (OG), KC5481100000003
Rodney McLeod (DB), StlR. McLeod (DB), Stl5460200000003
Kam Chancellor (DB), SeaK. Chancellor (DB), Sea5250000100103
Jason Pierre-Paul (DE), NYGJ. Pierre-Paul (DE), NYG5240020000003
Craig Dahl (DB), StlC. Dahl (DB), Stl4330001000003
Corey Liuget (DT), SDC. Liuget (DT), SD4300000010003

KEY: Num = Number of Penalties, Yds = Yards Penalized, FS = False Start, HLD = Holding, OFF = Offsides, IC = Illegal Contact, PI = Pass Interference, RP = Roughing the Passer, PF = Personal Foul, UR = Unnecessary Roughness, UC = Unsportsmanlike Conduct