2014 NFL Offensive Drive Statistics

This report is a summary of offensive drive results for regular season games during the 2014 NFL season.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Drives = Number of Offensive Drives, TD = Drives Resulting in a Touchdown, FG = Drives Resulting in a Field Goal, Punt = Drives Ending with a Punt, TO = Drives Ending with a Turnover (Interception or Fumble Lost), Dwn = Drives Ending with a Turnover on Downs, 3&O = Drives Resulting in a Three & Out, Score% = Percentage of Drives Resulting in a Touchdown or Field Goal for the Offensive Team

Team Gms Drives TD FG Punt TO Dwn 3&O Score%
Green Bay Packers141494725441042048.3
New England Patriots141604531571233447.5
Baltimore Ravens141533927461562343.1
Seattle Seahawks141513429541062641.7
Dallas Cowboys141564322512132341.7
New Orleans Saints141524419512262541.4
Indianapolis Colts141814728592763541.4
Pittsburgh Steelers141553925561742441.3
Atlanta Falcons141543725572043240.3
Denver Broncos141714820601473339.8
Miami Dolphins1415731285117102137.6
Philadelphia Eagles141783729673233337.1
San Diego Chargers141503221651643435.3
Carolina Panthers141592926652033034.6
Kansas City Chiefs141543617651563134.4
Cincinnati Bengals141653422652053333.9
Buffalo Bills141732532731984232.9
Houston Texans141653024691963832.7
Detroit Lions141572823631483732.5
New York Giants1416737177123103632.3
Arizona Cardinals141592526781314132.1
Minnesota Vikings141552522691752930.3
San Francisco 49ers141552423641873030.3
New York Jets141632226722064529.4
St. Louis Rams141642820712153629.3
Washington Redskins141692821702583529.0
Cleveland Browns141702722801894428.8
Chicago Bears141613696128113028.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers141602617662974026.9
Tennessee Titans141662416762384724.1
Jacksonville Jaguars1417420198125104322.4
Oakland Raiders141712315942545922.2