2013 NFL Offensive Drive Statistics

This report is a summary of offensive drive results for regular season games during the 2013 NFL season.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Drives = Number of Offensive Drives, TD = Drives Resulting in a Touchdown, FG = Drives Resulting in a Field Goal, Punt = Drives Ending with a Punt, TO = Drives Ending with a Turnover (Interception or Fumble Lost), Dwn = Drives Ending with a Turnover on Downs, 3&O = Drives Resulting in a Three & Out, Score% = Percentage of Drives Resulting in a Touchdown or Field Goal for the Offensive Team

Team Gms Drives TD FG Punt TO Dwn 3&O Score%
Denver Broncos162027125652113147.5
San Diego Chargers161674134561912344.9
Green Bay Packers161864333642333840.9
New England Patriots162014438772063740.8
Seattle Seahawks161824133741734140.7
New Orleans Saints1618149246115103840.3
Dallas Cowboys161834528771823739.9
Chicago Bears161824526682253839.0
Indianapolis Colts161883835761364438.8
San Francisco 49ers161883932791744737.8
Philadelphia Eagles162015123821873936.8
Carolina Panthers161703824701633636.5
Pittsburgh Steelers161893730752464735.4
Minnesota Vikings161954126752984634.4
Tennessee Titans161843825782164334.2
Atlanta Falcons161793724682663834.1
Arizona Cardinals162003630783144233.0
Cincinnati Bengals162014718753094632.3
Detroit Lions161964419723483732.1
Kansas City Chiefs161974122881874032.0
St. Louis Rams1618432267821115231.5
Baltimore Ravens162072638902885630.9
Buffalo Bills1621431339626105229.9
Miami Dolphins161943226852664629.9
New York Jets161962533882965729.6
Oakland Raiders161943321842854527.8
Washington Redskins1619934218433124727.6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1618828238718134627.1
Cleveland Browns1619530218527164626.2
Houston Texans1620126268830104125.9
New York Giants162042923914145925.5
Jacksonville Jaguars1619523239527166023.6