2014 NFL Offensive Drive Statistics

This report is a summary of offensive drive results for regular season games during the 2014 NFL season.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Drives = Number of Offensive Drives, TD = Drives Resulting in a Touchdown, FG = Drives Resulting in a Field Goal, Punt = Drives Ending with a Punt, TO = Drives Ending with a Turnover (Interception or Fumble Lost), Dwn = Drives Ending with a Turnover on Downs, 3&O = Drives Resulting in a Three & Out, Score% = Percentage of Drives Resulting in a Touchdown or Field Goal for the Offensive Team

Team Gms Drives TD FG Punt TO Dwn 3&O Score%
New England Patriots10114322440832349.1
Green Bay Packers10107361532831647.7
Indianapolis Colts101253422391562444.8
New Orleans Saints101063115321841343.4
Seattle Seahawks10108271937751742.6
Baltimore Ravens101122819351261542.0
Dallas Cowboys101102817351621740.9
Pittsburgh Steelers111212918451531938.8
Miami Dolphins101142321351371438.6
Kansas City Chiefs111162915491032137.9
San Diego Chargers10108241649932337.0
Atlanta Falcons101132516451542836.3
Denver Broncos10127378491072535.4
Arizona Cardinals10115231755913034.8
Cincinnati Bengals101182417461332334.7
San Francisco 49ers101132019441152034.5
Philadelphia Eagles101292618502432234.1
Houston Texans101192118491532732.8
Cleveland Browns10120231657882832.5
Carolina Panthers111242218541832632.3
Buffalo Bills101261822551363031.7
Washington Redskins101212315442042131.4
New York Jets101171817501663329.9
Chicago Bears10111258362091729.7
New York Giants101192510521882429.4
Minnesota Vikings101161618541342429.3
Detroit Lions101121913461242528.6
St. Louis Rams101161815491642328.4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers101092011431842428.4
Tennessee Titans101131912531343327.4
Oakland Raiders111301912701914423.8
Jacksonville Jaguars101261810582163122.2