2014 NFL Offensive Drive Statistics

This report is a summary of offensive drive results for regular season games during the 2014 NFL season.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Drives = Number of Offensive Drives, TD = Drives Resulting in a Touchdown, FG = Drives Resulting in a Field Goal, Punt = Drives Ending with a Punt, TO = Drives Ending with a Turnover (Interception or Fumble Lost), Dwn = Drives Ending with a Turnover on Downs, 3&O = Drives Resulting in a Three & Out, Score% = Percentage of Drives Resulting in a Touchdown or Field Goal for the Offensive Team

Team Gms Drives TD FG Punt TO Dwn 3&O Score%
Green Bay Packers161695227491262346.7
New England Patriots161814735661354045.3
Dallas Cowboys161795325572332943.6
Pittsburgh Steelers161744329612042841.4
Seattle Seahawks161754031611273040.6
Denver Broncos161985524691973739.9
Baltimore Ravens161824329601893039.6
Indianapolis Colts162055130693094139.5
New Orleans Saints161744919582962839.1
Atlanta Falcons161753929672353738.9
Miami Dolphins1618139295819112337.6
Philadelphia Eagles162034332763533736.9
Kansas City Chiefs161733725711673535.8
Carolina Panthers161783329722143334.8
New York Giants1619343248024104134.7
Cincinnati Bengals161913926732563734.0
San Diego Chargers161743722742263833.9
Houston Texans161943430832264533.0
Buffalo Bills161973034862284932.5
Detroit Lions1617933256817103932.4
Minnesota Vikings161763026751963331.8
New York Jets161862732782274931.7
Arizona Cardinals161812729901714530.9
San Francisco 49ers161783025722183330.9
Washington Redskins161923324773093929.7
St. Louis Rams161863124802664029.6
Cleveland Browns161932925932195328.0
Chicago Bears1618038127129133427.8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers161802820783174826.7
Tennessee Titans1619126198824115223.6
Oakland Raiders1619826191092747122.7
Jacksonville Jaguars1619524209425115022.6