2014 NFL Offensive Drive Statistics

This report is a summary of offensive drive results for regular season games during the 2014 NFL season.

KEY: Gms = Games Played, Drives = Number of Offensive Drives, TD = Drives Resulting in a Touchdown, FG = Drives Resulting in a Field Goal, Punt = Drives Ending with a Punt, TO = Drives Ending with a Turnover (Interception or Fumble Lost), Dwn = Drives Ending with a Turnover on Downs, 3&O = Drives Resulting in a Three & Out, Score% = Percentage of Drives Resulting in a Touchdown or Field Goal for the Offensive Team

Team Gms Drives TD FG Punt TO Dwn 3&O Score%
New England Patriots890222134532047.8
Baltimore Ravens8872318221061047.1
New Orleans Saints8852713231431047.1
Dallas Cowboys8862315261311244.2
Green Bay Packers884261128731344.0
San Diego Chargers884231435521844.0
Indianapolis Colts81002816301441844.0
Seattle Seahawks775181329421341.3
Denver Broncos78428636402040.5
Kansas City Chiefs774191028721139.2
Arizona Cardinals781151639512238.3
Pittsburgh Steelers8892014351021438.2
San Francisco 49ers775151326741637.3
Carolina Panthers9951717411122035.8
Cincinnati Bengals784171331732035.7
Cleveland Browns782171239452135.4
Miami Dolphins7831613261061134.9
Philadelphia Eagles7891614361711533.7
Houston Texans8951715381322033.7
Atlanta Falcons890228351442033.3
Chicago Bears888218301541633.0
Buffalo Bills81041717471132732.7
Washington Redskins8981913371631932.7
New York Giants781197361041532.1
New York Jets8971514421632829.9
Detroit Lions891179371022128.6
Minnesota Vikings8951116441231928.4
St. Louis Rams778148301131328.2
Tennessee Titans8931511411042328.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers779147321332026.6
Oakland Raiders778127401312424.4
Jacksonville Jaguars8100139461842422.0