2002 NFL Europe Standings

The following are the final 2002 NFLE Standings.

KEY: W = Games Won, L = Games Lost, T = Games Tied, Pct = Win Percentage, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Home = Home Record, Away = Away Record, Div = Division Record, Conf = Conference Record

x - Clinched Playoff Spot, y - Clinched Division, z - Clinched Home Field

x - Rhein FireRhe730.7001661564-1-03-2-07-3-0
x - Berlin ThunderBer640.6002311883-2-03-2-06-4-0
Frankfurt GalaxyFra640.6001891743-2-03-2-06-4-0
Scottish ClaymoresSco550.5001971723-2-02-3-05-5-0
Amsterdam AdmiralsAms460.4002182022-3-02-3-04-6-0
Barcelona DragonsBar280.2002023111-4-01-4-02-8-0

2002 NFL Europe Season
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