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Albert Haynesworth
Position: Defensive Tackle
Birthdate: June 17, 1981
College: Tennessee
Drafted: Selected by the Tennessee Titans in the 1st round of the 2002 NFL Draft

Albert Haynesworth 2004 Gamelogs

The following are Albert Haynesworth's game-by-game statistics for the 2004 season. Postseason games are listed in bold.


Defensive Statistics

09/11/04Ten@ MiaW, 17-7000.00002130.00.0
09/19/04TenIndL, 31-17000.00003250.00.0
09/26/04TenJacL, 15-12000.00005380.00.0
10/03/04Ten@ SDL, 38-17000.00002020.00.0
10/11/04Ten@ GBW, 48-27000.00001010.00.0
10/17/04TenHouL, 20-10000.00003250.00.0
10/24/04Ten@ MinL, 20-3000.00001010.00.0
10/31/04TenCinW, 27-20000.00003031.09.0
11/14/04TenChiL, 19-17000.00003250.00.0
01/02/05TenDetW, 24-19000.00003140.00.0