Fantasy Football News

Offseason Extra: Perplexing performers from 2013

There were a ton of surprising Fantasy performances in 2013, both good and bad. Dave Richard went back and took a close look at 10 players worthy of further examination.

Offseason Extra: 12-team Fantasy mock draft

As we wait for next month's NFL draft to finally arrive, we thought we'd pass the time with an offseason Fantasy mock draft. As always, the results are interesting.

Offseason Extra: Free agency Fantasy fallout

The recent free agency period has created quite a buzz, even in the world of Fantasy. Our Jamey Eisenberg shares his thoughts on who benfitted most after all of the movement.

Offseason Extra: Early breakouts for 2014

Who might be on the brink of a career year in 2014 based on talent and circumstances? Our Jamey Eisenberg shares a dozen names he'll be thinking hard about this summer.

Offseason Extra: Early sleepers for 2014

Who is our Jamey Eisenberg going to be circling on his cheat sheets this summer in preparation for 2014? He shares his initial sleeper candidates for Draft Day.

Offseason Extra: TE tiers for 2014

How early should you consider taking an elite tight end on Draft Day 2014? Our Dave Richard shares his strategies and tiers for the position.

Offseason Extra: WR tiers for 2014

The wide receiver position isn't nearly as deep with Fantasy talent as it's been in recent years. Our Dave Richard takes an early look at his receiver tiers for 2014.

Offseason Extra: QB tiers for 2014

How does the landscape look at the quarterback position for Fantasy owners ahead of 2014? Our Dave Richard takes an initial stab at tiering the position for Draft Day.

Offseason Extra: 12-team standard mock draft

The Super Bowl is over and now it's time to start looking forward with a bit more clarity. Jamey Eisenberg breaks down our latest standard mock draft.

Offseason Extra: RB tiers for 2014

What might the running back landscape look like on Draft Day this summer? Our Dave Richard shares his initial strategy for drafting the position as well as his tiers.

Offseason Extra: The year after 400-plus touches

Marshawn Lynch may cross a significant threshold on Super Bowl Sunday. Our Jamey Eisenberg examines the history of running backs the year after they rack up 400-plus touches.

2013 Consistency Breakdown: Tight ends

The tight end position continued to be a riddle for Fantasy owners in 2013. Our Dave Richard spotlights the most consistent and inconsistent performers at the position.

2013 Consistency Breakdown: Wide receivers

Wide receivers typically aren't consistent -- save for the best of the bunch. Our Dave Richard identifies four receivers who set the consistency standard in 2013 and four who did not.

Playoff Extra: Super Bowl starts and sits

How does our Jamey Eisenberg see the upcoming Super Bowl playing out? He shares his take and his starting lineup for our Playoff Challenge game.

2013 Consistency Breakdown: Running backs

Who were the most consistent running backs from a Fantasy perspective in 2013? Our Dave Richard shines the spotlight on eight runners.

Offseason Extra: A few points on PATs

What would the removal of extra points mean to the Fantasy Football experience? Our Dave Richard shares some different approaches and what he'd do as your league's commissioner.

Playoff Extra: Championship Round starts and sits

Both the AFC and NFC Championship games will provide plenty of star power. Our Jamey Eisenberg shares who he will be counting on in his quest for Playoff Challenge supremacy.

2013 Consistency Breakdown: Quarterbacks

Which quarterbacks provided consistent production for their owners in 2013? Our Dave Richard begins his series of breaking down the most reliable performers by position.

Playoff Extra: Divisional Round starts and sits

Who might step up in the Divisional Round for those playing in Playoff Challenge games? Jamey Eisenberg shares his outlook for the four big games and the players he'll be relying on.

Offseason Extra: 32 Fantasy storylines

What personnel moves this offseason could make a major impact on your Fantasy thinking in 2014? Our Dave Richard shares his initial team-by-team offseason storylines.

Playoff Extra: Playoff Challenge strategies

Still interested in playing a little Fantasy during the playoffs? Our Jamey Eisenberg shows you how to build the best postseasano roster for our Playoff Challenge.

Instant reactions from Week 17

The season finished with a bang for several players. Our Jamey Eisenberg breaks down the highlights one last time in his instant reactions from Week 17.

Week 17 Fantasy Fact Sheet

Which statistical trends stood out to our Nathan Zegura in 2013? He shares his top Fantasy observations team-by-team.

Winning Fantasy Calls for Week 17

It's the last week of the regular season -- is your lineup loaded? Dave Richard sets you straight with his best picks of the week in Winning Fantasy Calls.

Week 17 Start 'Em and Sit 'Em

Jay Cutler is one of a handful of quarterbacks trying to lead their teams to a division title in Week 17. Our Jamey Eisenberg shares his outlook in his final Start 'Em and Sit 'Em.